UIFont Extension

This is a very simple UIFont extension I created to ease the use of a custom font through out an app. The app only  used 1 font so there was no need to support multiple font families.


.Regular is the default font so you can leave it out if thats what you need.

Otherwise you can pass the font type through as the first parameter


Xcode will damage your computer. You should move it to the trash. – Solution

I got this error on one of my Macs after upgrading to Xcode 7.0.1 (El Capitan 10.11). I installed it using the dmg downloaded from Apple. Even after completely removing Xcode and downloading the dmg again, it still happened.

Xcode will damage your computer

The only solution I found was to temporarily allow unsigned applications to be installed.

1. Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy.
2. Change "Allow apps downloaded from:" to "Anywhere".
3. Run Xcode and let the "Verifying Xcode" window complete.
4. Change the security setting back to your preferred setting.

Swift and NSCoding

An example of a Swift class that conforms to the NSCoding protocol

Check if NSDate falls between 2 other dates

A swift example to check if an NSDate falls between 2 other dates.


I recently put some time back into scancomplete.com which has been idle for a few years. I cleared out all the old software and spent some time picking and reviewing new software that is still relevant. I have expanded into more current areas such as mobile and Mac OSX software.

There is now an articles section that covers areas such as online security & privacy, latest threats, online password management, mobile security and more.

New range of apps aimed at children

Puzzle Fun iPad App
Puzzle Fun iPad App

As a father of a 2 year old, I’ve recently been trying to introduce my daughter to touch screen devices with simple child related apps. Something I’ve noticed is that most of these apps are full of Ads or in-app purchases. Even though I always enable Guided Access when I let her play with my iPhone, I find if I look away for 1 minute she’s managed to tap some inappropriate ad or in-app purchase. If not that then she’s managed to tap one of the many buttons or options on the screen which detract from the main purpose of the app.

While observing her and what she is capable of doing with the device and in real life, I’ve decided to create some child friendly games. Some will be free and some paid for, but none will contain ads and definitely no in-app purchases. I am focusing on fun, easy to use interfaces with little distractions for their busy minds.

I’m almost ready to release the first of my apps which will be a puzzle app called Puzzle Fun. Initially it will contain 9 puzzles of different skill levels. The next app will follow shortly after.

iOS 6 Social Framework Integration for Twitter & Facebook

Since iOS 6 sharing to Twitter & Facebook has become extremely quick and painless with the new Social Framework. The previous Twitter framework has been deprecated.

First add the Social Framework to your application.

Next include the header

Now create the controller for Twitter

or Facebook